Hello, welcome. I’m Briony. I teach vocal improvisation in what I call the ‘contemporary American tradition’, pioneered in the U.S. over the last 4 decades by Bobby McFerrin, Rhiannon, Joey Blake and others. It’s a creative, challenging, thrilling approach to singing that starts with an empty space and lets the moment - and your body - give voice to the music of right now, and hones that as an art form in its own right.

Here is a 2 minute film and an 8 minute film about my teaching. My work emphasises musical competence, collaborative leadership, lyrics, vocal magnificence, authenticity and entwined human, musical and vocal development.

I teach weekend, week-long and extended programs in the UK and U.S. at amateur to professional levels which I classify as levels 1-4. (I consider myself a student and collaborator at level 5.) This artform can be a fun form of community music in levels 1-2; a therapeutic medium for those who choose to use it that way at any level; level 3 is solid intermediate, while those at levels 4-5 are pushing the upper echelons of vocal excellence that perhaps we don’t yet know the limits of.

Vocal improvisation is a growing artform and practitioner communities around the world are exploring where they want to take it. Where will you take it? Let’s see!

Re-Wilding The Voice

Vocal Musicianship