Briony Greenhill

Hello, welcome. I’m a vocal improviser; I teach improvisation, vocal musicianship and I bring out voices. As voices come out, people grow and transform - sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. I’m an artist. Here’s a film about my teaching. Welcome!

Announcing the 2020 Extended Programs

Wild Voice, Solid Roots level 3

Wild Voice, Solid Roots level 4

Re-Wilding the Voice, UK

California Extended Program winter 2019-20

Upcoming Events:

This is moody, lo-fi heaven of the highest order.
Briony is the Rolls-Royce of voice teachers!
— Sadie, Student
Briony is a veritable magician – using singing and harmony she can cast a spell over a large team of people in moments.
— Duncan Bruce, Creative Director, Brand Conpsiracy
Your gig today was the one of most inspiring and uplifting experiences I have had this year.
— Richard, Audience Member (October)