Personal Development & Community

2018-20 | SomaSource Leadership Training with Dr Melissa Michaels | Improvisational arts, trauma healing, the body, oppression, initiation, transformation

2018-19 | Sarah Thiesman supporting my own trauma healing and therapy.

2017 | Community Course at Tamera Healing Biotope, Portugal, one month

2015 onwards | Leading singing and participating in the Network for New Culture, U.S.

2014 | Mentoring and Vision Quest with Nunutsi Tenipe (Cherokee)

2012 - 2015 | Stepping Stones Project | Youth mentor & initiator, board member, fundraiser, Program Developer, Marin California

2012 - 2016 | Vocal Improvisation and depth work in The Elements quintet including Shay Nichols (Hakomi, RCS) and Christopher Kuntzsch (coach)

2013 onwards | My own depth work through improvisational movement with Melissa Michaels, Boulder Colorado

2013 | Ecology of Leadership | Year-long training at the Regenerative Design Institute, Marin California

2012 onwards | Attending and assisting in grief rituals with Sobonfu Some, 2012-15. 2018 onwards, leading grief rituals.

2017 | Qualified as Core Power Yoga instructor, California.