Leadership and Organisations

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.
— Joseph Campbell

The ability to improvise while listening to your heart is one of the most important capacities for leaders. I help leaders and organisations to find their true voice.

The fear of being heard can stop you opening your mouth. What would your world look like if you stepped into it more openly with a voice you’d just found? Vocal improvisation connects people to essence, to soul. Leadership from the soul is what I help people access through singing.

If you can’t stand and sing, the fear that’s stopping you doing that will also be stopping you from doing a whole lot of other things. In the toughest of times, our ability to find the gift in the things that threaten us is one of the most important capacities people can ever know. Vocal improvisation is a profound pathway to our truth, our courage; our ability to listen and share power and space; to step forward and shine when it’s our time, and to co-weave a basket of support in which each can bring the best of themselves, fearlessly. Together, we make room for vulnerability, establish a circle of deep trust, listen and celebrate as the unique magnificence of every person’s voice comes, in its own time, through.

Briony Greenhill brings a decade of personal development work together with a decade of work with organisations, innovation and leadership, and above all a lifelong relationship with voice and a devotion to improvisation. She is a unique leader in the field, integrating voice expertise, uplifting musicianship, with mature skill in group leadership, holding the emotions that inevitably come up with voice work with delicacy and experience, helping groups, and each person in them, to thrive.


A short (30 min - 3h) Introduction to Improvised Singing | Team builders, Conferences, Away Days

2 Day Immersion | Finding your true voice | Authentic influence, leadership from the heart and healthy team relationships through improvisation

5 Day Residential | Transformation Through Voice | Leadership, courage, healing, calm ground, authenticity, power and team trust through improvised singing.

Conferences | Speaking, singing and getting the audience singing | The power of the true voice | Harmonious, uplifting, atmosphere shifting, deep, fun!

Contact music@brionygreenhill.com. Here’s a 2 minute film, and an 8 minute film, about Briony’s teaching. Here’s the picture gallery.

Some singing teachers teach you sing with your voice. Briony teaches you to sing with your heart and sing from your soul.
— Leah Pearlman
It was deeper than an ayahuasca ceremony; I grew more than in workshops with leading psychologists, and it’s the safest I’ve ever felt in a group.
— Robin Leonard
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